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Nadia Eldemerdash is a freelance writer and editor based in Las Vegas, NV. She writes about pop culture and politics. Follow her on Twitter @DemerN and on Medium.

Nadia Eldemerdash is a freelance writer, editor, and communications strategist based in Las Vegas, NV. In another life, she would have been a painter. In this life, she immerses herself in artistic creations. Follow her on Twitter @DemerN.

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Lebanese chanteuse Fairuz. (Photo via Creative Commons/Wikimedia)

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture's Arab Music Ensemble

Arabic music for an American audience

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture hosts week-long workshops connecting Arab musicians with U.S. audiences. It's a true cross-cultural affair that mixes Western and Middle Eastern styles.
Nadia Eldemerdash

Nadia Eldemerdash

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A piece of 'My Organ Life.' (Image courtesy of the artist.)
YallaPunk founder Rana Fayez says the festival is about thriving, not just surviving. (Photo by Lauren Freney.)
A photograph from Raphael Xavier's 'Out of Time' exhibition. (Image courtesy of the artist.)
Amanda Nicastro tells a tale of two kidneys at the Adrienne in May. (Image courtesy of PHIT.)
Saburo Inouye, who ran a Philadelphia hostel for Japanese-Americans, will reappear at the original site. (Photo by Rea Tajiri.)
Leah Forest and Cece Mulcahy rehearse for 'Song of Silence.' (Photo by Heather McBride, of HMCB Photography.)
The Protest Banner Lending Library during its time at the Chicago Cultural Center. (Photo courtesy of Aram Han Sifuentes.)
Listen in with Anna Michael, the Philly star of 'But Next Not This.' (Photo by Travis the Great.)
Spoken word poet Maryan Nagy Captan's workshop is happening September 2. (Photo courtesy of YallaPunk.)
Performers at a June 4 reading of 'Hear Me War' at the Drake. (Photo courtesy of PWTF.)
'Radio Silence' host Michael Rakowitz. (Photo courtesy of Mural Arts)
In West Oak Lane, a young PhillyCAM participant helps an older one learn to make a video. (Photo via People's Media Collection.)