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Broad Street Review, where art and ideas meet. This was founding editor Dan Rottenberg’s vision when he launched BSR as an online nonprofit arts and culture journal in 2005. That vision continues today, as BSR has become Philly’s home for arts, culture, and conversation.

BSR Leadership

Alaina Johns

Alaina Johns


Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Associate editor

Neil Bardhan

Neil Bardhan

Executive Director

Sid Schechter

Sid Schechter

President and Publisher

Our coverage captures the cultural life of the greater Philadelphia region.

Our mission is inclusive and accessible arts journalism that reflects our diverse city. For more information on writing for BSR, visit our guidelines for writers. For more information on getting your event covered in BSR, visit our guidelines for arts groups.

Articles Written
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BSR's History

  • 2005

    Dan Rottenberg founded Broad Street Review and serves as BSR's editor-in-chief.

  • 2013

    Judy Weightman named BSR's editor-in-chief.

  • 2016

    Wendy Rosenfield named BSR's editor-in-chief.

  • 2018

    Alaina Johns named editor-in-chief.

  • 2019

    Kyle V. Hiller named BSR's associate editor

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Whether you’re a reader, a writer, a supporter, or all three, we’re glad to be in this community with you.

Alaina Johns, editor-in-chief
Kyle V. Hiller, associate editor
Neil Bardhan, executive director
Sid Schechter, president and publisher

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