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Pérez-Vega portrait shot, she’s mid-air mid-step, looking towards low-angle cam, a rainbow painted wall with neon behind her

Keila Pérez-Vega and dancing with many hats

Balancing multiple steps and roles

Keila Pérez-Vega talks her favorite parts of performing on stage, her behind-the-scenes work that informs her perspective, and how her upbringing instilled vital skills that she still uses today. Melissa Strong profiles.
Melissa Strong

Melissa Strong

Profiles 6 minute read
Holmes, a Black woman, in a layered floral black top & hoop earrings. She looks to the right against a melon-colored backdrop

The art of possibility with BlackStar Projects and Maori Karmael Holmes

Looking forward to the 2023 BlackStar Film Festival, August 2-6

Maori Karmael Holmes, founder of BlackStar Projects and recent winner of the 2023 Berresford Prize from United States Artists, talks with Kyle V. Hiller about the award, the film festival, and the power of possibilities.
Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Profiles 5 minute read
Conyers poses with a student, who is holding a diploma, for a snapshot in an indoor space, a piano behind them

Tuning youth advocacy in music with Joseph H. Conyers and Project 440

A different frequency of learning

Joseph H. Conyers, founder and vision advisor of Project 440, talks about teaching music to children and young adults, community, and learning more than just the instruments. Maria Thompson Corley profiles.
Maria Thompson Corley

Maria Thompson Corley

Profiles 3 minute read
Portrait of Gbadebo, materials in front are out of focus, she’s in the middle looking to camera, resting her head on her hand

Ancestral memory in materials and art with Adebunmi Gbadebo

Remembering from the root

Interdisciplinary artist Adebunmi Gbadebo speaks on her new exhibit that cultivates materials and arts in the pursuit of remembering and preservation. Robert Margolis profiles.

Robert Margolis

Profiles 3 minute read
A man helps a young girl on an aerial trapeze fabric outdoors, the Ben Franklin bridge in the background

Running away to Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

Rooting early passion for the circus

Lisa Grunberger takes a look at circus arts, the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, and Fringe's Hand to Hand Festival through the eyes of their youngest fans.

Lisa Grunberger

Profiles 3 minute read
An old portrait of Coates, sepia toned.

Remembering Florence Van Leer Earle Nicholson Coates

Looking back at a Philly poet legend

April is National Poetry Month, and Emily R. Zarevich recalls historic poet Florence Van Leer Earle Nicholson Coates, who paved the way for future generations of poets in Philadelphia.

Emily R. Zarevich

Profiles 3 minute read
A faded black and white portrait of Price

Bringing Florence Price’s lost music to the stage with Nicole Jordan

More than just recordings

Philadelphia Orchestra’s principal librarian Nicole Jordan talks Florence Price, a Black woman composer whose work fell into obscurity. Jon Caroulis profiles.

Jon Caroulis

Profiles 2 minute read

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Koshoeva poses sitting by a piano, in all black, looking towards the camera.

Passion at the piano with Kairy Koshoeva

From Kyrgyzstan to Philadelphia

Linda Holt profiles Kairy Koshoeva, an award-winning pianist who hails from Kyrgyzstan, as she prepares for a recital this week in Philadelphia.
Linda Holt

Linda Holt

Profiles 3 minute read
Santoro adjusts a student’s posture, three students in leotards in the rehearsal space by a ballet barre.

Jaime Santoro and the magical children of Philadelphia Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Setting the stage for the children

Camille Bacon-Smith sits with faculty member and children’s ballet stager Jaime Santoro on staging The Nutcracker and teaching children how to perform.
Camille Bacon-Smith

Camille Bacon-Smith

Profiles 3 minute read
'Saturnalia', a novel by Stephanie Feldman reads on the book cover. A woman has plants growing from her hair

Capturing the magic of the real world with Stephanie Feldman and Saturnalia

Casting spells with a witchy woman

Feldman's new speculative novel is a haunting, magical glimpse into the very near future. Michelle Nugent profiles.
Michelle Nugent

Michelle Nugent

Profiles 3 minute read