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How to request BSR coverage

So you’d like a BSR writer to do a preview, review, feature, or profile about you, your client, or your event?

Start by familiarizing yourself with what we cover: arts and culture happenings (including books, exhibitions, performances of any genre, film and TV, public art and public spaces, protests, and festivals) in the greater Philadelphia area, or with a clear tie to the Philadelphia area.

Then, email your pitch (i.e, your request for coverage) to a BSR editor (info below) or writer whose website or contact info is available (check the bio). Use a clear and specific email title (i.e., don’t title your email “theater event” or “coverage request”). Briefly include the key information in the body of the email: the who, what, where, and when of your item, contact info for press tickets or interviews, and (just as important) why BSR readers should know about your event.

Attach a press release with more comprehensive information if you’d like, and provide access to properly captioned and credited photos. We can’t tell your story without an image.

To plan coverage, we need at least a few weeks' lead-time for pitches -- ideally, send your materials four to six weeks in advance.

If you’re hoping for review or feature coverage, email editor-in-chief Alaina Johns. If you’re hoping for preview or profile coverage, email associate editor Kyle V. Hiller. Do not send any materials by mail.

For more tips on effectively pitching BSR (or any arts outlet), here is a piece about PR pitfalls to avoid, and here is a piece to help independent artists pitch their shows to the press.

Thanks for your interest in BSR. See you in the inbox!

Alaina Johns, [email protected]
Kyle V. Hiller, [email protected]