A stage show about gender becomes an installation at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

The BSR Podcast, season 8, episode 9: talking with John Jarboe about her new Rose Garden

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A tea party in an ornately draped tent of lace, with one guest who has a giant pink rose instead of a face.
(Photo courtesy of the Fabric Workshop and Museum.)

"You're digesting my gender as you're being digested by the gallery." That's how John Jarboe explains the experience of The Rose Garden, an immersive new installation at the Fabric Workshop and Museum. Jarboe, who is also the founder and artistic director of the Bearded Ladies Cabaret, developed a stage show around a surprising piece of family lore she discovered when she came out as trans to her family: she had "eaten" her twin in the womb. Now, fans can experience Jarboe's journey in a whole new way.

Jarboe tells Darnelle why cabaret is the origin of all storytelling since we were huddled around the fire. She says that cabaret is empowering when so many other forms of modern media are not. Don't miss this conversation with one of Philly's premier creators.

And be sure to catch Jake Foster's review of The Rose Garden. The installation runs through September 29, 2024.

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