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Black and white photo of a large tent in a snowy, wooded area, cords holding it up

The Museum of the American Revolution explores the travels of Washington’s war tent

A travelin’ soldier

Casting light on an installation that sits at the centerpiece at the Museum of the American Revolution, and building a narrative around more than just a tent. Lowry Yankwich explores.

Lowry Yankwich

Previews 3 minute read
Six large b&w portrait photos of adults, one child, on tapestries at an exhibit wall with touch pads and headphones in front

Jefferson’s Helix Gallery presents File/Life—We Remember Stories of Pennhurst

A community archivists’ research project on the lives of Pennhurst residents

File/Life—We Remember Stories of Pennhurst at the new Jefferson University Helix Gallery highlights the work of community archivists who researched archival files of former residents of the Pennhurst institution. Barbara Sheehan previews.

Barbara Sheehan

Previews 3 minute read
In a nighttime gallery room next to a large window, an airy, dramatically lit large sculpture of white bamboo strips.

The Museum for Art in Wood presents FLOE: A Climate of Risk

Cold, hard fiction

If we won’t engage with the bare facts of climate change, is there another way in? Interdisciplinary artist Stephen Talasnik wonders in his FLOE: A Climate of Risk, which imagines the aftermath of an icebound shipwreck. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 4 minute read
Green patterned rugs line one wall of the wood-floored gallery, with wooden tables with glowing blue displays built into them

Fabric Workshop and Museum presents Jessica Campbell: Heterodoxy

A safe space for uppity women

From 1912-1940, a little-known feminist debate society flourished in New York. Now, FWM artist-in-residence Jessica Campbell revives and reimagines their meetings in Heterodoxy, a new multi-media installation. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 5 minute read

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In the foreground, Chang, in gray, moves gracefully with arms extended; ensemble and audience members sit and move behind her

Philly Fringe 2023: Susan Marshall and Mimi Lien present Rhythm Bath

A sensory delight

An inclusive dance installation presented in partnership with Temple’s Institute on Disabilities offers interdisciplinary delights at Christ Church Neighborhood House in this year’s Fringe. Eileen B. Fisher reviews.
Eileen B. Fisher

Eileen B. Fisher

Reviews 3 minute read
Swirls of black hair designed on a person's back, with a bra on reverse with heart-shaped, studded cups

Previewing a summer of LGBTQ+ Pride art exhibitions

Pride events happening in Philly in June through summer 2023

Jake Foster rounds up eight LGBTQ+ art exhibitions on view this Pride Month from the Clay Studio, Mural Arts, William Way LGBT Center, and more.
Jake Foster

Jake Foster

Previews 5 minute read
Photo portrait of Taylor, a Black man smiling in a black cardigan, sitting on an upholstered chair, with paintings behind.

Fabric Workshop and Museum presents Henry Taylor: Nothing Change, Nothing Strange

A repurposed sea

Acclaimed artist Henry Taylor’s recent stint at FWM puts us adrift in a sea of new meanings, thanks to a partnership with the reuse experts at Recycled Artist in Residency. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 5 minute read
A view from Pennsbury: a verdant lawn with large leafy green trees runs toward the blue river on a sunny day.

Pennsbury Manor presents Nathan Young’s nkwiluntàmën

Sounds of the Delaware

A new sound installation by Oklahoma-based interdisciplinary artist and Delaware Tribe of Indians member Nathan Young comes to Pennsbury Manor with a disappointing execution. Aaron Pond reviews.
Aaron Pond

Aaron Pond

Reviews 5 minute read
Gallery view: looking toward the end of a large room, set up as Mason describes in the text. Two people are sitting there.

ICA Philadelphia presents Carolyn Lazard’s Long Take

Somatic and spiritual

Carolyn Lazard examines accessibility, care, and interdependence, with an interdisciplinary installation at ICA that de-emphasizes sight in favor of many other senses. Hanae Mason reviews.
Hanae Mason

Hanae Mason

Reviews 4 minute read
Gallery view: gray floor, a brick column, an orange wall, goofy blue ducks, a bright flower-vase still-life, a collage & more

UArts’s Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery presents Alex Da Corte’s The Street

An enigmatic trip

Expect the unexpected at a colorful and challenging new solo exhibition from internationally known interdisciplinary artist Alex Da Corte, a Camden native and UArts grad. Emily B. Schilling reviews.
Emily Schilling

Emily Schilling

Reviews 4 minute read