Talking with Once on This Island assistant director Mariah Ghant and actor Jessica Johnson

The BSR Podcast, season 8, episode 7: Once on This Island at the Arden

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Ra'Shaun kneels onstage singing joyfully to Walker, seated next to her. She touches his face and he touches her thigh.
Nadia Ra’Shaun and Ethan B. Walker in the Arden's 'Once on This Island.' (Photo by Ashley Smith of Wide Eyed Studios.)

Tune in as Darnelle Radford leads a lively conversation between Once on This Island assistant director, Mariah Ghant, and actor, Jessica Johnson, who plays Papa Ge. They discuss audience responses to this involving and emotional story, why telling stories together empowers us as a community, Black joy onstage, and lots more.

Don't miss theater critic Cameron Kelsall's review of the show. It runs through Sunday, June 23, 2024.

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