Celebrating seven years of Philly's spring theater festival

The BSR Podcast, Season 8, episode 4: talking Philly Theatre Week 2024 with Sabriaya Shipley

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Two teenagers, one in a black hoodie and the other in a yellow hoodie, sit at a table side by side reading a script aloud.
Artists of Philadelphia Young Playwrights, a group participating in this year's Theatre Week, read a script together. (Photo by Jen Cleary.)

Theatre Philadelphia executive director Sabriaya Shipley has the inside scoop on Philly Theatre Week (April 4-14, 2024), which is celebrating its seventh anniversary and taking over our regional scene with comedy, devised theater, community initiatives, major new professional stagings, and more. But as usual, Darnelle is after a deeper conversation. They cover the role of social media and digital promotions in modern theater, accessibility in performance art, why pay-what-you-can is the way of the future (despite resistance from some larger institutions), and lots more. This is a rich conversation with plenty to take with you, even after Philly Theatre Week 2024 is finished.

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