Back to the roots of the Scottish Play?

The BSR Podcast, season 8, episode 3: talking with Quintessence director Alex Burns about his all-male Macbeth

1 minute read
The cast, in vaguely military costumes, processes in a U-shape toward the camera, around a fancy cloth-covered dining table.
The cast of 'Macbeth' at Quintessence. (Photo by Linda Johnson.)

In his latest conversation with Darnelle, Quintessence artistic director Alex Burns, now at the helm of a new production of Macbeth, talks about a season of shows about the powerful, uniquely human intertwining of love and war. Darnelle urges everyone to get tickets so they can make up their own mind amidst controversy about Burns's bent for staging all-male Shakespeare.

Editor's note: this interview does not cover a grassroots effort in Philly to provide Quintessence with feedback about the company's approach to gender in casting and production. Find the feedback form here. Read community responses here and here.

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