Directing, disability, and other enduring conversations about PTC's Cost of Living

The BSR Podcast: season 8, episode 2: talking with director Jeffrey L. Page

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Black & white photo of Page, a Black man wearing a facemask and a plaid scarf, seen in profile.

"When I read [Cost of Living], it spoke to this idea that we all have disabilities. Some of those disabilities are apparent and some of those disabilities are unapparent. ... We're all in the same boat. Just because you see my disability doesn't mean I'm a better person or a worse person. Just because you don't see my disability doesn't mean I'm a better or a worse person."

That's director and choreographer Jeffrey L. Page describing his first thoughts on Martyna Majok's Pulitzer-winning script, onstage at Philadelphia Theatre Company through Sunday, February 18, 2024. But this conversation isn't only about this production. Theater lovers will also enjoy hearing from Page about his work on Choir Boy and the recent revival of 1776 (here's our review), plus questions about Cost of Living that go far beyond the stage.

Don't miss editor Alaina Johns's review of this production.

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At top: Jeffrey L. Page. (Image courtesy of PTC.)

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