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The BSR Podcast, season 7, episode 11: Paper Doll Ensemble presents The Pecking Order

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The Pecking Order BSR 9 20 23

The artists of Paper Doll Ensemble, rocked by the 2022 Supreme Court decision ending reproductive rights in the US, take an unexpected lens to the history of Roe v. Wade: Harry Blackmun, the original author of the decision, and his three daughters. They found a surprising personal story in their research, and the show blossomed from there.

The Pecking Order, onstage at the Plays & Players Skinner Studio September 21 through October 1, 2023, is "a 70s-inspired tragicomedy highlighting the absurdity of women's rights being thrust back in time," and poses "provocative questions about unplanned pregnancy, family dynamics, and women's rights." BSR Podcast host Darnelle Radford asks about how Paper Doll Ensemble got its start, the stories behind this production, and more.

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