Theater in total darkness

The BSR Podcast: season 7, episode 1: Odd Man Out at Bristol Riverside Theatre

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Show logo. The title in white, incorporated a man's silhouette, superimposed in an airplane window looking out.

Odd Man Out, a new play created by Teatro Ciego (an Argentinian company founded by blind artists) and New York's Theatre C, takes place in complete darkness. The story follows a blind musician who's flying from JFK to his home in Argentina after many years away, and the audience are on the plane with him. It's "a love story, a musical journey, and a multi-sensory immersion into the theater of the blind." Performances run through December 18.

Radford asks co-producer Carlos Armesto and actor Carmen Borla about the genesis of this piece, how it was developed, what it demands of the artists, and how it encompasses the senses that most of us aren't used to relying on. We also hear how the Argentinian artists are finding their visit to the Philly area, including their favorite restaurant in Bristol.

Read more in our preview of the show.

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