The arts are back! Learn about the return with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers

The BSR Podcast: RestART with BSR, episode 4, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers

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A tightly packed group of 10 dancers in white all surge to one side with a wide stance, faces turned toward an orange light.
The KYL/D ensemble in 2022's ‘OceanWaves.’ (Photo by Rob Li.)

Tucked away half a block from Pat's in South Philly, decorated with an Isaiah Zagar mural, the Chi Movement Arts Center is home to Philly's Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, which is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary. In 2020, after eight months of rigorous weekly rehearsals, the small company had to cancel its flagship annual performance as Covid-19 took hold.

Today on the podcast, Darnelle Radford talks with KYL/D executive director Katie Moore-Derkits and assistant artistic director Maggie Zhao about what happened next.

KYL/D, whose founder came to New York City from Taiwan to study, dance, and choreograph, and settled in Philly after Temple recruited him to teach, has a worldwide community. But a pivot to digital offerings wasn't easy for this small, professional, contemporary dance company.

Moore-Derkits and Zhao explain those challenges, as well as the ways choreographing for a livestream pushes the artists in new ways. Zhao reflects on life in the pandemic as a lesson in the importance of focusing on the present versus whatever you're planning. Tune in and find out what's next for KYL/D.

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