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The BSR Podcast: RestART with BSR, episode 3, EgoPo Classic Theater

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The RestART logo: a navy blue field with the word "Restart" in white and orange.

"So much of the clarity that we once had is so challenged, and yet new clarity comes in other ways." That's EgoPo Classic Theater managing director Katrina Foy, speaking with BSR podcaster Darnelle Radford about bringing a theater company through the pandemic.

Foy says the company is evolving its longtime mission of mounting classics to considering what makes a work of literature timeless—and whether little-known works from the past can be resurrected with new relevance. "We re-envision the classic canon by re-introducing diverse works and re-bodying existing canonical works to ensure a wide range of voices, bodies, and stories are shared on our stages," company leaders say.

In this podcast episode, Foy discusses EgoPo's tradition of themed theatrical seasons, how they fashion these into immersive events (even in the isolation days of Covid), how the theater's funding landscape has changed, and how the pandemic has combined our professional and personal lives.

She's also interested in the role of the theater's Covid-19 compliance officer, and what the implications of this role could be in future: she likes "giving people space to express concerns over their own well-being."

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