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The BSR Podcast: RestART with BSR, episode 2, Da Vinci Art Alliance

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The RestART logo: a collage of faces at left, and an orange slash at right, with "Restart: the arts are back" superimposed

"As much as we want to go back to all in-person, all here at the gallery, one-on-one, I just don't think it's realistic anymore, because so many people benefitted from online programming ... I think it's been one of the things we're going to take from the pandemic and keep going with."

That's Da Vinci Art Alliance marketing coordinator Veronica Knell, speaking with Darnelle Radford in the second episode of the RestART with BSR podcast series.

She shares how Da Vinci got started, why it stands out, and how their whole financial and membership structure has changed as a result of the pandemic. Can other organizations learn from these changes?

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