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An art gallery view of 11 decorative balls in different colors and textures, from baseball size up to large bowling balls

The Fabric Workshop and Museum presents Hard/Cover

Creative disruption

Artist residencies at the Fabric Workshop and Museum often mark important shifts in artistic practice, explored in the exhibition Hard/Cover. Pam Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 4 minute read
A colorful mixed-media collage of illustrating photographs of salsa dancers.

The Weekly Roundup, August 18-24, 2021

Summer flamenco Tablao, Streets Dept parade, A Thousand Fibers, and Salsa Shines Through

Artsi and Pasión y Arte bring back Tablao, Streets Dept parades for vaccinations, A Thousand Fibers honors a Philly resident, and a new Mural Arts project fuses salsa with self-expression. Kyle V. Hiller rounds up the week.
Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Previews 4 minute read
Williams, a Black woman, poses for a portrait with her arms crossed in a grassy field.

Talking stop-motion animation with Kelli S. Williams

Satirical art for the sake of laughs and social change

Kelli S. Williams is a 2021 Mural Arts Philly Black Artist Fellow, and she's using stop-motion animation and comedy to challenge how we think. Christina Anthony profiles.
Christina Anthony

Christina Anthony

Profiles 3 minute read
Colorful illustration with two people. Text reads: we're trans, we're survivors, we are joyful, we feel rage, we're universal

The Weekly Roundup, July 21, 2021

Illustrating Public Paint Day, folk music at People’s Light, and writing with Chet’la Sebree

Painting with Mural Arts, discovering folk with People's Light, and the Wilmington Writers Conference highlight the week. Kyle V. Hiller rounds up.
Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Previews 5 minute read
A graceful, rust-colored outdoor sculpture with undulating, overlapping lines sits among greenery, with the sunset behind it

At The Bower, Philadelphia sculptors take the Pennsylvania landscape to heart

The nature of art

The Bower, a new sculpture park and public garden outside Harrisburg, features sculptures from Philadelphia artists in a unique and immersive dialogue with the landscape around them. Helen Walsh visits.
Helen Walsh

Helen Walsh

Features 6 minute read
A drawing of a seated woman from the waist up. She looks tense but confident. She has bushy shoulder-length purple hair.

The Delaware Art Museum presents Collecting and Connecting: Recent Acquisitions 2010-2020

Artists unite

How does a museum add to its collection? And why? Delaware Art Museum’s Collecting and Connecting: Recent Acquisitions 2010-2020 has adventurous answers. Gail Obenreder reviews.
Gail Obenreder

Gail Obenreder

Reviews 4 minute read
A self-portrait of Rivers. He's a Black man, is wearing glasses, dreadlocks, and a colorful, patterned button-up top.

Talking photography with Mural Arts Philly Black Artist Fellow Khalif Rivers

Uncovering Philadelphia's hidden past

Khalif Rivers is part of the 2021 Mural Arts Philadelphia Black Artist Fellow class. The photographer, writer, and fine artist spoke with Blair Krassen about his work.
Blair Krassen

Blair Krassen

Profiles 2 minute read