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Pies, Pies, Pies. An oil painting of 16 pie slices on rows of small white plates. Dramatic blue shadows show bright light.

The Brandywine River Museum of Art presents Wayne Thiebaud 100

California dreaming

After flooding forced the Brandywine River Museum of Art to close for several months, it reopens with a delicious retrospective marking Wayne Thiebaud’s 100th birthday. Gail Obenreder reviews.
Gail Obenreder

Gail Obenreder

Reviews 4 minute read
Two young men are in a fighting stance in front of a stage. The photo is in black and white with the title Cowboy Vs Samurai

The Weekly Roundup, February 9-16

Exploring intercultural relationships through the arts

A week to observe a variety of cultures and identities with events from Hedgerow Theatre, DVAA, National Liberty Museum and Vinyl Tap 215, Temple University, and more. Kyle V. Hiller rounds up.
Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Previews 3 minute read
Michael Ferris’s Rosemarie with Two Cats. A standing naked woman with 2 cats, larger than life, wrought in mosaic-like wood

The Center for Art in Wood presents Extra-Human: The Art of Michael Ferris

Carved with love

Artist Michael Ferris offers an engaging, larger-than-life tribute to loved ones with his intricate wooden sculptures, now on view at Old City’s Center for Art in Wood. Corey Qureshi reviews.
Corey Qureshi

Corey Qureshi

Reviews 3 minute read
A canvas outdoors at night, trees in the background. Bright lights and distorting, squiggled lines illuminate the canvas.

Klip Collective presents Night Forms: dreamloop

Blending light, sound, and the night

Grounds for Sculpture and Klip Collective collaborate for an after hours multi-sensory experience created with a unique synthesis of video projection, light, and sound as a bridge between technology and storytelling. Levi Bentley previews.
Levi Bentley

Levi Bentley

Previews 2 minute read
1965 lithograph on cream-colored paper by Ernest Crichlow. It’s a close-up on Black girl’s face behind squares of barbed wire

The Delaware Art Museum and Aesthetic Dynamics, Inc. present Afro-American Images 1971: The Vision of Percy Ricks

Fifty years later: Still an essential vision

The Delaware Art Museum teams with Aesthetic Dynamics, Inc. to address a 50-year-old injustice with a reimagining of a historic moment in American art. Vena Jefferson reviews.
Vena Jefferson

Vena Jefferson

Reviews 3 minute read
Jasper Johns’s ‘Usuyuki.’ A canvas in nine rectangular segments has wheeling sets of short lines in ever-shifting hues.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art presents Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror

Explore, perceive, repeat

The Philadelphia Museum of Art, in a special companion retrospective with the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, explores the circle Jasper Johns creates between artist and viewer. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 6 minute read
A wide shot of the mural with an audience in front of it, with a few people near a podium.

Illustrating joy, queerness, and justice with Kah Yangni's mural We Are Universal

Philadelphia's first mural celebrating transgender people

Artist Kah Yangni talks about their new mural, its messages, and how the mural came to be. Jared Michael Lowe profiles.
Jared Michael Lowe

Jared Michael Lowe

Profiles 6 minute read
A black-and-white print of a giant metal machine with arms, pillars, and wheels. It’s outdoors under a partly clouded sky

The Philadelphia Museum of Art presents Richard Benson: The World Is Smarter Than You Are

Pursuing the perfect print

Few people know that master printmaker Richard Benson also had an exquisite body of work as a photographer. The Philadelphia Museum of Art celebrates every facet of the artist in a new exhibition. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 5 minute read
A small paper collage that cuts and splits two copies of the “Extraordinary Togetherness” title page into dynamic angles.

The Philadelphia Art Alliance presents Nyeema Morgan’s Like It Is

Extraordinary questions

In Like It Is, now on display at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, artist Nyeema Morgan reveals that words are as malleable as the air or paper they inhabit. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 3 minute read
Sculpture Queen Anne’s Lace Pod by Ian Stabler, in a green meadow. It evokes a giant upside-down tulip made of wood pieces

The Brandywine River Museum of Art presents Ian Stabler’s Queen Anne’s Lace Pod

Nature’s engineering

Ian Stabler’s magical sculpture, thoughtfully constructed in a Chadds Ford meadow, is the latest site-specific artwork commissioned by the Brandywine River Museum of Art. Gail Obenreder visits.
Gail Obenreder

Gail Obenreder

Reviews 3 minute read