Exploring the concept of “mess”

Putting on a show with the 2023 SoLow Festival

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SoLow Fest is back, inviting artists to an affordable, accessible platform. (Image courtey of SoLow Fest.)

If any local artists are looking to perform a show without any public or financial pressure, SoLow Fest may be just the perfect gathering for you. Originally founded in Philadelphia in 2010 by performance artists Thomas Choinacky and Amanda Grove for low-budget works, SoLow is an ongoing do-it-yourself festival now run by Chris Davis, Hallie Malina, Alex Werthauer, and Kaitlyn Zion. SoLow specifically exists to host unconventional art and performances, especially in unusual locations and venues. Co-organizer Davis says, “A lot of new work that is created by the vibrant and diverse DIY Philadelphia Theatre scene has made this festival stand out.”

Where artists were asked to think about the concept of “resurrection” for SoLow’s 2022 performances, up for artistic interpretation this year explores “mess.” The festival also has rolling submissions, meaning there’s still time for artists to register with SoLow before Friday, June 16. Davis noted, “SoLow Fest does not charge artists to participate. We are here to provide support and a nurturing summer mini-festival in the beautiful city of Philadelphia.”

Highlights from the current SoLow 2023 line-up include Leah Renee’s debut comedy Bucket on Friday, June 16, at Skinner Studio, part of the Plays & Players Theatre; Daniel Burgess’s play This Endless Oddity at the Ubin Movement Theatre on Friday, June 23; experimental solo percussion show Slap Dash on Sunday, June 25, at OLMC; and Kelly McCaughan’s popular comedy show Catholic Guilt, about “the impossible standards of being a Catholic,” will premiere outside the usual festival dates on Friday, June 30, at Plays & Players.

What, When, Where

SoLow Festival. Friday, June 16, through Monday, June 26, 2023. Pay-what-you-wish. Various locations. solowfest.org

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