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Knittel, wearing neon green zebra leggings, tussles with laughing audience members while falling on her back during a show.

Dive into the 2023 Philly Fringe Festival with avant-garde necromancer Sarah Knittel

Philly Fringe 2023: How did we get here?

Sarah Knittel—not a Fringe queen, but certainly a mage or wicked-cool duke—gets us ready for the 2023 fest by sharing her Fringe journey as a self-producing artist.
Sarah Knittel

Sarah Knittel

Essays 8 minute read
A group of four Black cosplayers in costume poses emphatically, joyfully, in a bright indoor space

Five reasons to attend the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention

For the geek at heart

An Nichols previews the 2023 East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention and how it works towards cultural awareness, youth literacy, and building safe spaces for geekdom.
An Nichols

An Nichols

Previews 3 minute read
Conyers poses with a student, who is holding a diploma, for a snapshot in an indoor space, a piano behind them

Tuning youth advocacy in music with Joseph H. Conyers and Project 440

A different frequency of learning

Joseph H. Conyers, founder and vision advisor of Project 440, talks about teaching music to children and young adults, community, and learning more than just the instruments. Maria Thompson Corley profiles.
Maria Thompson Corley

Maria Thompson Corley

Profiles 3 minute read
A logo with SoLow Fest written over a spiraling, faded background

Putting on a show with the 2023 SoLow Festival

Exploring the concept of “mess”

The SoLow Festival is an accessible local arts festival that doesn’t put financial pressure on the artists. This year, it’s exploring the concept of rest. C.M. Crockford previews.
C.M. Crockford

C.M. Crockford

Previews 1 minute read
A man helps a young girl on an aerial trapeze fabric outdoors, the Ben Franklin bridge in the background

Running away to Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

Rooting early passion for the circus

Lisa Grunberger takes a look at circus arts, the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, and Fringe's Hand to Hand Festival through the eyes of their youngest fans.

Lisa Grunberger

Profiles 3 minute read
A portrait shot taken on indoor staircase, Kosha Dillz wearing a T-shirt with a performer’s face on it

The return of the Jewish New Media Festival

A triumphant comeback story

The festival is back after a four-year hiatus, with Kosha Dillz and Karen Cinnamon leading the way. Stephen Silver previews.
Stephen Silver

Stephen Silver

Previews 3 minute read
An old portrait of Coates, sepia toned.

Remembering Florence Van Leer Earle Nicholson Coates

Looking back at a Philly poet legend

April is National Poetry Month, and Emily R. Zarevich recalls historic poet Florence Van Leer Earle Nicholson Coates, who paved the way for future generations of poets in Philadelphia.

Emily R. Zarevich

Profiles 3 minute read
Ma, a Chinese woman in flowing blue & pink traditional garb poses smiling with a blue fan above her head outside City Hall.

Before international artists can hit the Philly stage, they face US immigration

The trouble with visas

Philly loves bringing international artists to our cultural scene. But whether they come from Brazil or China, England or Nigeria, they face a gauntlet of challenges from US immigration law. Camille Bacon-Smith gets an often-invisible story.
Camille Bacon-Smith

Camille Bacon-Smith

Features 7 minute read
On grass, colorful fabric circles a collection of papers with photographs and text about various herbs

Rosine 2.0 In Practice: a love letter to Philly’s organizers

Healing takes practice

Rosine 2.0 is a community-driven art project that invites grassroots organizers to explore and engage in collective practices of harm reduction and healing in Philadelphia. Olivia J. B. Baxter previews their celebratory event.
Olivia J. B. Baxter

Olivia J. B. Baxter

Previews 2 minute read
The moderators and 9 candidates, standing at individual black podiums in a slightly curved line on the Kimmel stage.

Will Philly’s next mayor fund arts and culture?

The Mayoral Forum on the Performing Arts and Cultural Economy

At this Kimmel Center debate, nine candidates for mayor took questions about how our cultural sector fits into their platform. Alaina Johns was there.
Alaina Johns

Alaina Johns

Editorials 6 minute read