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Phillipa Soo pays a virtual visit to the area this weekend. (Photo courtesy of Rowan University.)
Violinist Claire Bourg will perform her recital on April 30. (Photo by Pete Checchia.)
Ants Pants owners Nancy Silverman, Paul Puma, and Liz Fleming pose with their paintings. (Photo by Gail Kotel.)
Joseph Lin is the first violinist of the Julliard Quartet. (Photo by Shan Su.)
'Thickett' is an interactive game/theater experience from Cirque du Nuit. (Image courtesy of Cirque du Nuit.)
Scribe Video Center will screen a doc on musician Beverly Glenn-Copeland. (Photo by UT Connewitz Photo Crew.)
'Here We Are' is one of the films in GJPFF's Lindy CineMondays series. (Image courtesy of GJPFF.)
Ahmed Ismaiel Nour’s 'Waves' ('Moug') documents the 2011 Egyptian Revolution as it began in Suez. (Image courtesy of Al-Bustan.)
'A Doll's House' takes a look back at the start of quarantine in 2020. (Image courtesy of Kyle Cassidy.)