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Gary Cohen is Theatre Horizon's guest in this month's 'Art Houses'. (Photo provided by Theatre Horizon.)
Cathy Renna is the communications director for the National LGBTQ Task Force. (Photo courtesy of Cathy Renna.)

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Precious Places from Scribe Video Center highlights local stories filmed by Philadelphians. (Photo by CJ Willis.)
Andrea Clearfield has been hosting The Salon for 35 years. (Photo by Ryan Collerd, courtesy The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.)
Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and message are still imperative for America today. (Photo retrieved via Wikimedia Commons.)
Mimi Stillman leads a workshop series with Dolce Suono through the first half of 2021. (Photo by Vanessa Briceño-Scherzer.)
Bridget Kibbey will play the harp in the new all-Bach program from PCMS this week. (Photo by Roy Cox).