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Israel E. Colón is keeping his demons at bay with rhythmic patterns. (Photo courtesy of Israel E. Colón.)
Paraguayan Augustín Barrios is often regarded as one of the most prolific guitarists. (Image retrieved via Wikimedia Commons.)
Haitian composer Sydney Guillaume contributed to the upcoming Choral Arts concert. (Photo courtesy of Sydney Guillaume.)
'Remembering a Forgotten Hero' mural by Keir Johnston and Willis Nomo Humphrey. (Photo by Steve Weinik).

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PDP will screen 'Dances for Inside and Outside' this weekend. (Photo by Ewa Figaszewska.)
Celina Velez has been bringing chamber music to Spanish-speaking communities for years. (Photo by Marcus Velez.)
Bach's Fourth Brandenburg Concerto is the first in Tempesta's lineup for '1721.' (Image via Wikimedia Commons.)