Sit down with 2023 Philly Fringe artists TS Hawkins, Sabriaya Shipley, and Josh Hitchens

The BSR Podcast, season 7, episode 10: Allens Lane Art Center presents In Their Silence

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Show logo: left of the title, and below a black & white photo of the Philly skyline with a yellow sun, two people embrace
(Image courtesy of Allens Lane Art Center.)

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods. Usually, we say that to celebrate our city's diverse identities and a community-oriented vibe. But what if it has another meaning? What if we're really cutting ourselves off from each other, making different neighborhoods into an us versus them proposition? This is one of many intimate and challenging questions posed by the artists of In Their Silence, a Philly Fringe show coming to Mt. Airy's Allens Lane Art Center from September 15 to October 1, 2023.

BSR Podcast host Darnelle Radford talks with playwright TS Hawkins, director Reva Stover, and Allens Lane Art Center artistic director Josh Hitchens, who is also the show's stage manager, sound designer, and costume manager.

Here's more about the play, from Allens Lane Art Center: "Grace is a burgeoning therapist. Merci dangles for freedom at the bottom of a bourbon glass. College sweethearts and newlyweds, they elope to Philadelphia for a fresh beginning. Stumbling into polarizing landscapes, they struggle in the margins of heart and home."

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