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Puno sits in a hexagonal structure, soft with fabrics, pillows, etc., holding a large polygonal shape

Fabric Workshop and Museum presents Risa Puno: Group Hug

The gamification of care work

In her first museum solo exhibition, Risa Puno creates a multimedia installation that gamifies care work while thoughtfully weaving in details about her cultural identity, personal history, and family dynamics. Alicia Link previews.
Alicia Link

Alicia Link

Previews 2 minute read
Informal black & white daytime photo of Brodovitch walking across dozens of photos laid flat on the office floor.

The Barnes Foundation presents Alexey Brodovitch: Astonish Me

Surprising the eye

Twentieth-century designer and photographer Alexey Brodovitch revolutionized more than one field of visual arts, but he’s best known for his stint as art director at Harper’s Bazaar. His first major US exhibition, now at the Barnes, covers his entire career. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 5 minute read
Colorful view with hundreds of tulips, clouds of hanging purple flowers, reflecting water & a trees full of pink blossoms.

PHS presents the 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show: United By Flowers

Your guide to attending the Flower Show on a budget, and supporting Philly gardens year-round

The Flower Show is here through Sunday, March 10! An Nichols has your guide to entry on a budget, plus suggestions for connecting with Philly gardens year-round, and Alaina Johns has a look at this year’s show.
An Nichols Alaina Johns

An Nicholsand Alaina Johns

Features 6 minute read
Collage-style portrait Daily Practice #17 described in text below, incorporating paint, photo, threads & many small objects

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens presents Ritual of Self: Isaiah Zagar’s Self-Portraits on Paper

Never the same man twice

Philly’s Isaiah Zagar is famous for his mosaic murals swirling on hundreds of public walls. Now, fans are invited home to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens for a new show selected from thousands of Zagar’s daily self-portraits. Anndee Hochman reviews.
Anndee Hochman

Anndee Hochman

Reviews 5 minute read
Alt Text:  Painting. Faces, eyes appear through a colorful mashing of shapes in a surrealist style.

The artistic life and legacy of James E. Newton

Timeless artistry and mentorship from a local legend

A series of exhibitions from the University of Delaware and Delaware Art Museum celebrates the work of artist and mentor James E. Newton. Dara McBride previews.

Dara McBride

Previews 3 minute read
A museum display of small glass vintage chemical pigment jars, including blue, yellow & red arranged on white blocks.

The Science History Institute presents BOLD: Color from Test Tube to Textile

A colorful history

A new exhibition at the Science History Institute explores how and why we naturally colored our clothes, bodies, and environments for millennia—and what changed when we created color in a laboratory. Gail Obenreder reviews.
Gail Obenreder

Gail Obenreder

Reviews 4 minute read
B&W photo, Andrade and a younger student in classroom review large prints on a desk. Another student is at a desk behind them

(Re)FOCUS: Then and Now honors a historic 1974 Philly feminist arts festival

A citywide celebration of 50 years of impact

(Re)FOCUS connects a landmark feminist arts festival from 1974 with a new set of exhibitions and celebrations in 2024 throughout the city. Emily Schilling previews.
Emily Schilling

Emily Schilling

Previews 2 minute read

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In a nighttime gallery room next to a large window, an airy, dramatically lit large sculpture of white bamboo strips.

The Museum for Art in Wood presents FLOE: A Climate of Risk

Cold, hard fiction

If we won’t engage with the bare facts of climate change, is there another way in? Interdisciplinary artist Stephen Talasnik wonders in his FLOE: A Climate of Risk, which imagines the aftermath of an icebound shipwreck. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 4 minute read
Vintage opening-night poster with all the featured bands & Franklin’s face in front of a factory, all in orange ink.

Drexel University presents Electrified: 50 Years of Electric Factory

Reelin’ in the years

Philly live music lovers should hurry to a new special exhibition at Drexel University spotlighting the history of the Electric Factory, including iconic guitars, a Rock-Ola jukebox, and tons of memorabilia. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 6 minute read
Graceful gold-toned metal bust of a beautiful woman’s face, against a blue backdrop in the gallery.

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts presents Determined to Be: The Sculpture of John Rhoden

A world at his fingertips

In 2017, PAFA became the preserver and promoter of globetrotting 20th-century American sculptor John Rhoden’s artistic legacy. Now, PAFA mounts the artist’s first comprehensive retrospective. Pamela J. Forsythe reviews.

Pamela J. Forsythe

Reviews 5 minute read