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BSR Contributor Since February 11, 2019

John Morrison is a Philadelphia-based DJ, producer, and music journalist. In addition to creating music, he has written for Red Bull Music Academy, Jazz Right Now, Bandcamp Daily and more.

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Jacqueline Constance is feeling the blow from the pandemic, but that isn't stopping her creativity. (Photo courtesy of the artist.)

In the pandemic shut-down, Philly's musicians find creative ways to keep playing

The gigs we lost

Philly's music scene has taken a hit as clubs and restaurants have shut down and gigs have been canceled. John Morrison speaks with a few local artists on how they are coping, how they are adapting creatively, and what this means for the future of music in the city.
John Morrison

John Morrison

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'Revival!' connects music with the spirit throughout June. (Image courtesy of BlackStar Film Festival.)
Philly filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist Hadiya Gaiters collaborates with CinéSPEAK. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Mueller.)
Mr. Sonny James and Matthew Law are two highly regarded DJs in Philly and beyond. (Photo courtesy of Shots Fired.)
Michael Fichman, aka Michael the Lion, is a veteran DJ and producer and purveyor of disco. (Photo courtesy of Soul Clap Records)
Sun Ra playing at the New England Conservatory in 1992. (Photo by Pandelis Karayorgis.)
LAVA looks to rebound and reset its roots in West Philly with a weekend of underground music. (Photo courtesy of LAVA)
The showcase celebrates contributions by Asian American hip hop artists. (Image provided by PAAFF)
'South Street From the 90s' looks back at South Street's creative community. (Image by Phoebe Murer)
The Black Women's Art Fest is two days of music, poetry, film, dance, and more. (Image courtesy of Black Women's Art Festival)
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Beat Society is a live show that focuses on hip-hop's producers. (Photo by Slopfunkdust.)
Philly Art Collective opens its gallery with a celebration of women in music. (Photo by Noemi Nuñez, via Wikimedia Commons.)
Motown on Mondays is hosting a soulful dance party in Philly. (Image retrieved via Wikimedia Commons.)
Derrick May paved the way for techno music. (Photo courtesy of the artist)