Illvibe Collective launches an eclectic livestreaming channel in the wake of COVID-19

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Mr. Sonny James and Matthew Law are two highly regarded DJs in Philly and beyond. (Photo courtesy of Shots Fired.)
Mr. Sonny James and Matthew Law are two highly regarded DJs in Philly and beyond. (Photo courtesy of Shots Fired.)

Founded in 2001, Illvibe Collective is a Philly-based crew composed of some of the best DJs on the planet: Mr. Sonny James, Lil Dave, Skipmode, Panek, Matthew Law, and Phillip Lee. From Friends And Fam, Matthew Law’s monthly dance party at Warehouse On Watts, to Eavesdrop Radio, Lil Dave’s weekly radio broadcast on WKDU with DJ Junior and beyond, the Illvibe DJs are well known and respected for upholding Philadelphia’s rich and diverse music culture.

Next level streaming

Like many DJs and musicians around the world, the emergence of COVID-19 and the lockdowns that have followed have severely impacted Illvibe’s ability to connect with audiences. With nightclubs, bars, and most radio stations temporarily inaccessible, livestreaming has become a primary method for music makers to entertain and inspire audiences. Illvibe Collective has launched IllvibeTV, a Twitch channel in which each DJ in the crew takes over for an evening to stream their own expertly curated and themed event. From Phillip Lee’s Big Chunes Reggae throwdown, DJ Skipmode’s YO! illTV Raps (an 80s video mix party), to Lil Dave’s inspiring Jazz and Soul exploration, Lifted Spirits, IllvibeTV takes livestreaming to the next level, providing choice musical selections paired with cutting-edge visuals.

Freedom of expression

Speaking in an interview with BSR, Mr. Sonny James explains the motivation behind Illvibe TV and their choice to use Twitch as a hosting platform for the channel. “We chose Twitch because they have the performance rights aspect worked out, and their staff is really engaged and want to help the DJ community migrate and grow with their platform," he said. "Therefore, a live mix will never be stopped and canceled in progress, but they have muted sections a couple of days later. I’m okay with that considering our club nights are rarely recorded anyway.”

Facing lockdown and separated from their musical family, the Illvibe DJs continue to thrive and innovate. There’s nothing that can match the feeling of dressing up, going out, and sweating away your problems on a packed dance floor, but this is where we are now. And for music fans seeking a little release and some joy provided by some of the top DJs in the world, Illvibe TV is as perfect as it gets.

What, When, Where:

Follow IllvibeTV on Twitch, and discover more of the Illvibe Collective online.

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