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Pleasurable sex re-education with DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour

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Schmit, Charles pose together. Schmit wears all black with a blazer, Charles in a print T and jeans, against a white curtain

Timaree Schmit and Darryl Charles have been collaborating for almost a decade, and along the way, they’ve carved out a nerdy, dirty place for themselves in the sexy hearts of Philadelphians. Although the pair had been orbiting around one another’s social circles for years, they didn’t officially meet until October 2013 when they each separately participated in Pornologues, a fundraising event for Philly Sketchfest. Schmit, a sexologist, professor, writer, and consultant specializing in and educating about human sexuality, elected to give her “pornologue” about obscure internet sex subcultures.

“At the time,” she recalled, “people weren't necessarily as familiar with these cultures. So, I gave the talk on relatively unheard-of things. Maybe people know about them now, but, at that time, they were more obscure.”

They may have been to most people, but not to Charles. The stand-up comedian and writer followed the sexologist onstage and began his set by remarking, “Wow. Two of those things I'd never heard of before.” The crowd may’ve laughed, but Charles wasn't kidding. Like Schmit, he’s always been passionate about sex-positive learning. “We’re kindred souls, I guess you could say,” Charles said with a chuckle. It’s little wonder that, ever since those Pornologues, the pair have been DTF.

Authentically sexy

No. That doesn't mean what you're thinking. DTF, or the Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour, is a hilarious and educational sex-positive live comedy show that Schmit and Charles co-created (although Schmit gets credit for coming up with the name). For just shy of 10 years, the dynamic duo has been bringing DTF to various venues throughout the city. They currently have a regular monthly slot at ComedySportz Philly (CSz) every third Friday at 10pm.

It’s rare to be in environments where human sexuality is celebrated without being commodified. "It's a great experience for people because there's nothing quite like it, and there's a dearth of it in the world,” Schmit reflected. “There's a lot of sex shoved in your face, but it's very specifically commodified. It's very specifically narrow, and it's been curated by a bunch of executives. This is much more organic, and I think people appreciate that.” Charles nodded, adding, “You can talk about and hear about sex, and no one is asking you to do any sex, and I think that's a really neat thing. I think people are refreshed by it.”

Each DTF show incorporates information (complete with a PowerPoint presentation), little-known news articles, jokes, and a trivia-packed game show. You can expect to be engaged from beginning to end, and even though the format remains consistent, each show brings new insights and new voices courtesy of its ever-changing guest panelists. It’s a show you can see once or every month, which is why DTF has such a loyal, engaged, and ever-expanding audience.

“We have people who come routinely. They've been coming for years,” Schmit said. “They’re the reason this show is happening. The experience that a lot of them are looking for is really just to be in a space with other people who are interested in learning, who are interested in sexuality, who are interested in this form of entertainment. There is a community of people that is hungry for sex-positive learning, comedy, good vibes, inclusivity, all that kind of stuff.”

More than fun

For Schmit and Charles, sex isn’t just a fun recreational activity, it’s a social justice issue and an opportunity for education. Sure, audience members laugh a lot, but they also learn about sexual power dynamics, the skillsets held by those engaged in sex work (which is very much work, btw), relationship skills and styles, and power dynamics.

“I've learned a ton about the length and depth of the things that we will do to get sexual pleasure and a lot about relationship stuff and consent,” Charles said. “And how to teach it, and how to practice it.”

“We are very, very lucky that Philadelphia has a fantastic sex-positive community,” Schmit said. “And we also have an incredibly diverse audience.” Beyond Philly, Schmit and Charles have curated a global audience, too. In addition to their live shows, the duo also created the DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour podcast, which is its own hilarious time. (I know because I was a guest in September 2020). They also have a spinoff podcast, only available to their Patreon subscribers, entitled DTF Book Reports, in which they share about the books they’ve been reading.

“We don't have a culture that celebrates sex,” Charles said. “Even though that's how most of us got here, and the reason why there are so many people on the planet is because sex is fun, and it feels good most of the time.”

At top: Timaree Schmit and Darryl Charles are DTF. (Photo by Click/Save Art & Photography.)

What, When, Where

DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour. Friday, March 15, 2024, and every third Friday of the month. $20. ComedySportz Philly, 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia. (484) 450-8089 or


CSz Philly is ADA-accessible.

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