A woman for women: A weekend affair at ‘Time to Pretend’

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'Time to Pretend' has women supporting women in its seventh showcase. (Image by Phobymo Photography)
'Time to Pretend' has women supporting women in its seventh showcase. (Image by Phobymo Photography)

March is the month to acknowledge women. And Morgan Smith, aka Phobymo, a 30-year-old black female photographer and curator brings Philadelphia a 2-day all-female artist showcase created to combat an observed lack of representation and inclusion of female artists within the cities creative communities by creating opportunities for women artists to show their work.

Time to Pretend VII is a creative arts event featuring over 25 women artists and vendors showcasing diverse mediums of art, crafts, and wares.

She's got your back

As a female photographer, Smith’s work is focused on mainly female subjects. Her experience trying to access “mainstream” opportunities to promote and showcase her work has resulted in several encounters with people overlooking her ability and creativity. Disappointingly, this is a shared experience for many female artists either due to their identity or the subjects of their art not meeting the criteria for beauty standards set to endorse the male gaze of what it means to be beautiful.

"I chose to make it a [all-woman] show because my main goal has always been to empower and support women. If we don’t look out for each other, who will?"

Time to Pretend is on its seventh series and demand for spaces that support and include women artists is so high that each previous event has sold out.

Most of the dynamic group of female creatives are local to Philly, except for three NY artists coming into town. Everyone will be utilizing this opportunity to showcase their work and engage with a growing community.

"My goal with Time to Pretend is pretty simple: I just want the artists and attendees alike to feel a sense of community. It's all about giving women a platform to express themselves and bringing people together."

What, When, Where:

Time to Pretend VII happens March 13 and 14 from 7-11pm at the Sculpture Garden, 1717 Hancock Street. Tickets are available online, and is an 18+ event.

The Sculpture Garden is a wheelchair accessible venue.

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