The hilariously unpredictable Comedy Bang! Bang!’ comes to Philly

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Comedy Bang! Bang! comes to the Merrian with host Scott Aukerman. (Image courtesy of the Kimmel Center)
Comedy Bang! Bang! comes to the Merrian with host Scott Aukerman. (Image courtesy of the Kimmel Center)

In its tenth year of delivering consistent laughs, Comedy Bang! Bang! stands out in the crowded and cacophonous sea of podcasts. Writer and comedian Scott Aukerman hosts the weekly podcast, which blends conversation with improvisation and character work from interesting, funny, and sometimes very famous guests.

The podcast has featured celebrities including Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, Jenny Slate, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Jordan Peele. Aukerman typically plays the straight man, which allows guests to shine. Yet he has impressive comic chops: Aukerman is an Emmy-winning writer who worked on HBO’s Mr. Show with Bob and David before co-creating the acclaimed series Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, which he also directs.

Going off with a bang

A unique live performance of Comedy Bang! Bang! is coming to the Merriam. On the podcast, Aukerman begins by interviewing the guests before goofy characters appear and comic revelry ensues. Sometimes these are based on real people, such as Maya Angelou and Vin Diesel, or familiar fictional characters like Batman. Other times, the characters are original to Comedy Bang! Bang!, much like the recurring comic characters on Saturday Night Live (think Kristen Wiig’s Target Lady character).

Some of the memorably zany characters on Comedy Bang! Bang! have included Dagmar the Small, a Slovenian acrobat with hollow bones, and Brennis Dentmintsontinmen, who works in a Raisin Bran factory. Comedy Bang! Bang! is very funny when the characters interact, unscripted, with Aukerman and the guests. Things rarely make sense, and they will make you laugh.

For the Merriam show, Aukerman and fellow performers will create an improvised program live on stage. This will include the character drop-ins Comedy Bang! Bang! is known for, as well as some special guests.

What, Where, When:

Comedy Bang! Bang! Live will be performed at the Merriam Theater at 8pm on Monday, November 11, 2019. Tickets can be purchased by calling (215) 893-1999, visiting online, or at the Kimmel Center Box Office.

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