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Rosine 2.0 In Practice: a love letter to Philly’s organizers

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On grass, colorful fabric circles a collection of papers with photographs and text about various herbs
Works by Circle Keepers will be present. Pictured is an herbal walk and collective healing gathering at Emerald Park in April 2022. (Photo by Kirstin Mosley.)

Zissel Aronow and Yema Rosado, co-curators of Rosine 2.0 in Practice, instinctively knew when they had received additional funding for the project that the money had to go back to the people on the ground, specifically Philadelphia’s Black and brown artists and organizers. “We want to bolster people’s work who are often neglected or disrespected just because they work with people others often dehumanize,” Rosado explains. Using those funds, they were able to offer three micro-grants to support projects in need of assistance amplifying their resources and creating a free event to honor and promote their work within the communities they serve.

Looking out for the neighborhood

The three grant recipients have offerings planned for the day. To start, Homies Helping Homies will provide a free community photo day for families and individuals to access high-quality family portraits and headshots. Artists Sabriaya Shipley and Rosie Morales will host Generational Feasting, an interactive installation co-curated with five youth artists who used written, video, and audio mediums to document inter-generational Black and brown histories in Philadelphia and invites guests to join them in community story sharing and contribute to the ever-growing archive. Then, there’s Decolonize Philly—a youth-led activist organization that will welcome attendees to participate in future visioning with two of their Black youth organizers Keyssh and Essence. Here, they’ll facilitate a discussion during the Reimaging Series: The Fight for a Land Revolution, a workshop on housing justice that is the first in a planned series.

Rosado poetically defines Rosine 2.0 In Practice as “a love letter to Philly’s organizers—a super joyous, pleasure-focused, celebratory honoring of each other.” The full lineup of activities includes three back-to-back workshops, a variety of multi-medium installations, and vendors inclusive of mutual aid, healing, environmental justice, and harm reductionist organizations. Attendees can fully immerse themselves in opportunities to engage in rituals of self and community care, leading into an evening of furthering the celebration of collective action with food, drink, and music, at the event’s afterparty.

Aronow shares that when they began planning the event, the two carefully considered every facet of accessibility when choosing Icebox as their venue. “Kensington is home to a lot of the people and communities we engage with—housed or unhoused—so we wanted to have a venue that would be accessible by public transit but also to the community many of us work with. … And it’s a blank box which felt indicative of the project too. … People could come in and infuse it with themselves fully which felt important.” An artful way of providing Philadelphia a day of interacting with creative and collective resources that aid healing, empower connection, and enrich self, generational, environmental, and community care.

What, When, Where

Rosine 2.0 In Practice. March 18, 2023, 2-8pm. Icebox Project Space, 1400 N American Street, Philadelphia. (267) 282-1332 or rosine2.org.


Masks are strongly encouraged and will be available at the door.

Rosine 2.0 In Practice is being held at an ADA-accessible venue. The venue is one floor with gender-neutral bathrooms available and easy access outdoors.

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