Podcasts to get you through the quarantine

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The Streets Dept Podcast is produced and hosted by Philly's own Conrad Benner. (Photo by Kyle V. Hiller.)
The Streets Dept Podcast is produced and hosted by Philly's own Conrad Benner. (Photo by Kyle V. Hiller.)

It’s easy, these days, to be consumed with COVID-19 news and do nothing but refresh your browser all day, but it isn’t exactly healthy. Below is a list of podcasts that will simultaneously take your mind off the pandemic and your eyes off the screen. Cast your way into fiction, find a new way to talk philosophy, learn about musicals, or find some hearty laughs with comedy. Bonus: Some of the selections are locally produced!


Whether you love or hate musicals, this podcast is for you. Lindsay Ellis, known for her YouTube film analysis, drags her musical-hating friend along with her to various Broadway shows, and then they discuss their reactions.


Every other week, the editors of American Theatre interview nationally recognized theater makers.

Streets Dept

A local podcast focusing on the Philadelphia photography and visual arts scene.


A film-based podcast network featuring the inside of Kevin Smith’s (director of Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back) mind. Heads up: It is not familyfriendly.

Switched On Pop

Vox presents this music podcast about what we listen to and why we like it.

Dance and Stuff

A lighthearted look at dance and culture hosted by two dance community mainstays and best friends, Reid Barteleme and Jack Ferver.

Novel Gazing

This podcast takes the daunting subject of literary fiction and makes it accessible.

Local Mouthful

In the best of the local food podcasts, Joy Manning and Marisa McClellan are currently discussing good recipes for quarantines, and how best to bail out restaurants.

Home Cooking

A new, extremely comforting podcast about food and community in difficult times.

Office Ladies

Two of the stars of The Office, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, host an episode-by-episode rewatch of the show, with the addition of inside dirt. If you need a laugh, this is for you.


The best of both worlds: A comedy podcast about food.

Forever 35

Doreen Sharfir and Kates Spencer talk about being best friends, tips for self-care, and getting older.

Hi-Phi Nation

A unique philosophy podcast delivered in story format.

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