'Fools for Good' raises funds for Philly establishments with stay-at-home laughs

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Betty Smithsonian will perform in the virtual comedy show. (Photo by Johanna Austin)
Betty Smithsonian will perform in the virtual comedy show. (Photo by Johanna Austin)

Philadelphia, we are badly in need of a good laugh. We’ve eliminated the TBR pile, binged our way through Netflix, and baked more sourdough in the past two weeks than we’ve eaten in the past decade. We’ve done pretty much all we can as individuals and households, and it’s time to come together as a community for some well-earned chuckles.

Laughing through it all

Enter Sam Kap and Christine Olivas, who back in the halcyon days of people being within six feet of each other brought us No Mo Sexual Fomo, a hilarious night of examining the pleasures and pitfalls of human sexuality. They’re teaming up for a virtual comedy show called Fools for Good: A Virtual Comedy Benefit. Social distancing is saving lives, but the small businesses that serve our city and have done so much to support the Philly arts community are suffering. Fools for Good is raising money to give back to the places that have given so much to us.

More than any other city, Philly is defined by who we are when we come together—familial camaraderie is rooted in our very name. We take care of our own, we sacrifice our own pleasures and privileges to protect each other. And according to co-host Christine Olivas, we’re lucky to live in a time when technology means that we can be part of something great even when we’re apart.

"Live, in-person comedy shows have been cancelled indefinitely, and this not only represents lost income, but lost laughter. It's easy to just go on pause during this difficult, unprecedented time, but tools such as Zoom make it easier to create experiences that people can still enjoy together. And, given that so many performers and venues are financially impacted by not hosting standup mics and showcases, it is a win-win for the audience–and the comedy scene!"

The lineup features some of Philly’s favorite performers, such as Sammie James, JPlay Vines, and Betty Smithsonian, all of whom are raising money for Philadelphia institutions dear to their hearts.

It’s hard to be stuck at home right now. Whatever novelty there might have been has worn off, and the news is relentlessly grim. We need a shot of positivity, and it’s a double win if we can uplift others while we enjoy ourselves. And really, laughing in the face of crisis is an incredibly Philly thing to do.

What, When, Where:

Sam Kap and Christine Olivas present Fools for Good: A Virtual Comedy Benefit on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, at 8pm. The event is $10 per household and recommended for viewers 18 and up. Pre-registration is required.

The fundraising is in support of venues including Jose Pistolas, Helium Comedy Club, The Fire, Connie’s Ric Rac, Earth Bread & Brewery, The Grape Room, L’Etage, Bethlehem Brew Works, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Tattooed Mom, Warmdaddy’s, The Raven Lounge, Warehouse on Watts, Fergie’s Pub, and Tavern on Camac.

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