Coming up in Philly Music: ‘Love Stories’ are on the air in Germantown

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Leila Adu will perform in the Network's 'Love Stories' series. (Photo by Ian Bines.)
Leila Adu will perform in the Network's 'Love Stories' series. (Photo by Ian Bines.)

What’s it like to experience love in Germantown? The Network for New Music is celebrating Valentine’s Day with five personal love stories narrated by Germantown residents. The stories are accompanied by specially commissioned musical responses created by composers who specialize in electronic and acoustical music. The five individual episodes are being broadcast, one per day, on G-town Radio 92.9 February 8 through 12. The whole group will be aired as a one-hour show on Valentine’s Day, livestreamed on various platforms.

Romance blooms in G-Town

Network for New Music hasn’t released any information on the stories, but the five composers share a common interest in electronic music and blends of popular and classical styles. Leila Adu, for example, is a composer/singer who describes her music as a meeting of “electropop” and “avant-classical.” Her singing style has been compared to the legendary French chanteuse Nina Simone and she comes to Germantown by way of New Zealand, the UK, and Ghana. The other composers on the roster include specialists in improvising with electronic instruments and experts in different types of sound engineering.

What, When, Where, and Accessibility

The Network for New Music will present Love Stories on Sunday, February 14, at 4pm on G-town Radio 92.9. The individual episodes are being broadcast on G-town Radio from February 8-12 at 6pm. The radio station can be played online as well.

Network for New Music is also streaming the episodes from February 8-14, and the entire broadcast will be available on the Network’s website. Complete information is available on the Network for New Music online, along with the opportunity to contribute donations.

Image Description: Leila Adu, a young woman, stands in front of a microphone. The photo is in black and white at an angle looking up at her.

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