Coming up in Philly music: A PCMS all-Rachmaninov piano spectacular

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Pianist Cynthia Raim joins the Wister Quartet on May 8. (Photo courtesy of 1807 & Friends.)
Pianist Cynthia Raim joins the Wister Quartet on May 8. (Photo courtesy of 1807 & Friends.)

Programs that feature works for two pianos are a relatively rare event on the chamber music circuit, but they always make a hit with audiences. The interplay of two full-bodied grand pianos can generate complex music that delivers the kind of impact two orchestras would produce playing face to face on the same stage. When the composer happens to be Sergei Rachmaninov, you can be certain the music will exploit all the potential for color and emotion that two A-list pianists can draw from their instruments.

The tale of two pianos

This Friday, December 4, the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society will livestream an all-Rachmaninov program featuring both of his suites for two pianos. Performing will be a PCMS favorite, Cynthia Raim, playing with her longtime piano partner, David Allen Wehr. The American Record Guide recently named their recording of the two suites its recording of the year.

Between the two suites, Raim and Wehr will play selections from Rachmaninov's duets for piano four hands (two pianists sitting at one keyboard)—a group that includes playful dances and a dark, stately Russian folk song.

What, When, Where, and Accessibility:

The Philadelphia Chamber Music Society will livestream Cynthia Raim and David Allen Wehr’s performance on Friday, December 4, at 6pm. The livestream can be viewed on the PCMS website and is pay-what-you-wish.

The video may remain available for 72 hours after the performance “subject to the approval of the artists.”

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