Body Poetics, Citizen’s Eye, and reviving ‘Revival!’ this weekend

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'Revival!' from BlackStar is back digitally this year, in collaboration with the Fabric Workshop. (Image by Rashid Zakat.)
'Revival!' from BlackStar is back digitally this year, in collaboration with the Fabric Workshop. (Image by Rashid Zakat.)

This weekend’s offerings include a communal photo album collection from the Schuylkill Center, a cellist duo in accord with the Annenberg Center, experimental interdisciplinary art from BlackStar and Fidget, and a writing workshop looking at the body as a space. There’s plenty to amplify your mind as spring slowly approaches.

Citizen’s Eye

The Schuylkill Center is running Citizen’s Eye - A Kaleidoscope of Nature, a communal photo album of nature encounters with over 400 images taken during the first nine months of the pandemic. Check them all out for free online and watch a virtual tour about the exhibit on YouTube.

Thomas Kraines and Kinan Abou-afach at Annenberg

The Annenberg Center hosts Krains and Abou-afach on Thursday, March 4 at 7pm for a night of live original compositions and improvisations. Kraines is a cellist and member of Penn’s quartet-in-residence, the Daedalus Quartet. Abou-afach is also a cellist and oudist who infuses Arabic and Syrian traditions into their music. A Q&A follows the performance.


BlackStar Projects is teaming up with the Fabric Workshop and Museum to present a new rendition of Revival!, an audio-visual meditation celebrating Black spiritual and ecstatic experiences. It can be viewed in the FWM’s Arch Street window (1214 Arch Street) and also online via the website and on Twitch. We covered Revival! last year, and we’re excited about this year’s serving which runs through June 6, 2021.

Get Pegged Cabaret

Join the Bearded Ladies for a night of live music and performances featuring drag queen Cookie Diorio, lyricist Samantha Rise, and multidisciplinary performer Noelle Diane Johnson, the show promises a “reimagined Zoom Room” from the “sexy, satirical, daring, delightful, queer, and most dangerous performers” on the cabaret scene. The show is pay-what-you-wish on Friday, March 5 at 8pm.

Body Poetics

The Philly Pigeon kicks off a four-part workshop, Body Poetics, that unpacks the concept of writing the body as a space. The workshop begins on Friday, March 5 and runs through March every Friday. Registration is online and is $50.

~ [pronounced two]

Fidget has a helping of virtual performances coming this spring, and the next upcoming event features ~ [pronounced two], an experimental performance duo made up of Sarrah Bushara and Maya Miro Johnson. Their work merges theater, text pieces, sound art, interpretive dance, and amateur films. The pay-what-you-wish show is on Saturday, March 6 at 7pm.

Image Description: A man with a saxophone stands in front of three other people, their side profiles mostly out of frame. A circle with orange and yellow is behind the front and centered man, like a halo or sun. Astral lines are drawn over a dark blue sky decorated with an abundance of stars.

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