Celebrating independent music in Philadelphia

Philth Media and 4333 Collective present Philthfest 2023

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From beloved mainstays like PhilaMOCA and West Philly Porch Fest to the basements around town hosting do-it-yourself shows, Philadelphia is a destination for independent music. This Friday, December 15, 4333 Collective will host Philthfest 2023, a showcase and celebration of artists from Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

Music just around the corner

Philth Media is an independent management and booking group for musicians in Philadelphia. Founded in 2019, the group began with a self-published zine called Philth Zine, showcasing up-and-coming music acts throughout the city. 4333 Collective is "a community built around live events" and produces several dozen shows each year. Philthfest will be one of their final offerings of 2023, rounding the year out with a bill of 10 artists.

Headlining is Ogbert the Nerd, jokingly self-described as "the only emo band in New Jersey." The group's single, "Bike Cops,” is a raucous package of a screaming horn section and lead singer Madison James's impassioned pleas against being treated as "a lower level obligation." (Disclosure: the headlining band once played a show in the author's living room.)

Other artists will include Oolong, a Long Island outfit combining emotional vocals with math-rock riffs; Philadelphia's Pyre, a queer and transgender screamo group; and Stone Skipper, featuring BSR contributor Thomas Hagen. Cat's Luck Vegan, which serves vegan comfort food out of Neptune, New Jersey, will vend at the event, alongside other independently owned food, beverage, and art retailers.

As a fundamental aspect of its identity, the DIY community in Philadelphia participates in charitable fundraising for mutual aid, nonprofit organizations, and political causes. A portion of Philthfest's proceeds will benefit the Attic Youth Center, which curates programs and services that benefit LGBTQ youth in Philadelphia, and the Transgender Law Center, a national organization that advocates for law and policy reforms to reduce discrimination against transgender people.

Philadelphia hosts a thriving community of musicians at all stages of their vocation, from nationally touring acts to local troupes destined to make noise in a basement before disbanding quietly. 4333 Collective regularly hosts such shows at the Ukie Club and other venues throughout the city.

At top: Philthfest returns this weekend, celebrating indie music in the area. (Image courtesy of 4333 Collective.)

What, When, Where

Philthfest 2023, presented by 4333 Collective. $17.85. December 15, 2023, at the Ukrainian American Citizens' Association (Ukie Club on Franklin), 847 N Franklin St, Philadelphia. Doors open at 4:30pm, music starts at 5pm. 4333collective.net

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