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Calhoun & Lat, two nude people with light brown skin, pose gracefully with one draped on the other, looking directly at you

Philly Fringe 2023: Very Good Dance Theatre presents The Other Gardeners

Beyond Eden

The Other Gardeners, a Fringe show from Very Good Dance Theatre, promises sobbing, laughing, remembering, visioning, dreaming, forgetting, and loving. It delivers a little bit of everything, and more. Zara Waters reviews.
Zara Waters

Zara Waters

Reviews 3 minute read
Seen from behind, three women in dresses with bare arms pose in dynamic, intertwined shapes.

Philly Fringe 2023: Evalina Carbonell presents Fruit of Her Lips

A woman’s journey

Blending poetry and dance, Evalina Carbonell’s Fringe show Fruit of Her Lips explored the feminine triune, bringing to life archetypes of womanhood. Zara Waters reviews.
Zara Waters

Zara Waters

Reviews 2 minute read
An adult man and young woman-presenting character outside at a balcony, wearing dark grays and browns, look at each other

The 2023 BSR end-of-the-year recommendations

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