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BSR Contributor Since August 2, 2009

Matthew Jakubowski is a literary critic and novelist who lives in West Philadelphia.

Matthew Jakubowski is a fiction writer, essayist, and literary critic based in West Philadelphia. He was raised in the U.S., Australia, and Germany, and holds an MA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University. A former arts and entertainment journalist, he has served as an editor for the translation journal Asymptote, and a fiction panelist for the Best Translated Book Award. His writing appears regularly in various publications, such as the Paris Review Daily, the Kenyon Review Online, 3:AM Magazine, Music and Literature, the Millions, Kirkus Reviews, Minor Literature[s], Berfrois, and the Brooklyn Rail, among others. He can be found online @matt_jakubowski and on his blog, truce.

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'The Family' in all their naked glory. (Photo by Christopher William Purdom/

Mourning the loss of Timothy Duffield's 1981 'The Family'

When public art is privately owned

Sometimes, things just disappear, but when Matt Jakubowski discovered one of his favorite pieces of public art was gone, he wanted to find out where it went.
Matthew Jakubowski

Matthew Jakubowski

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A civilian army scales the wall, November 1989: Not a shot was fired.

Berlin's lesson in peaceful revolution

Lest we forget: Unsung heroes of the Berlin Wall

As the world marks the fall of the Berlin Wall, let's not forget the real heroes of that revolutionary moment”“ neither Reagan nor Gorbachev, but East Berliners themselves, who left their weapons home to confront one of the world's most heavily-guarded borders.
Matthew Jakubowski

Matthew Jakubowski

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Solnit's "Paradise Built in Hell'

When government is the problem

Do natural disasters bring out the best or the worst in people? Rebecca Solnit argues that such communal calamities trigger a “civic temperament” in human nature that leads people to shine rather than go for each other's throats— which scares the hell out of political leaders.
Matthew Jakubowski

Matthew Jakubowski

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One of the offending Danish cartoons.

Yale and those Muhammad cartoons

Great moments in publishing: Judgment by committee at Yale

To avoid potential violence, Yale University Press has announced that the controversial 2005 Danish newspaper cartoons satirizing the prophet Muhammad (like the one at left) will be omitted from a forthcoming book about the global riots provoked by those cartoons. Is this a case of responsible behavior or intellectual cowardice?
Matthew Jakubowski

Matthew Jakubowski

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The Mann experience: A newcomer's perspective

Welcome to the Mann: A few questions from a first-timer

Thursday's showcase for pianists Herbie Hancock and Lang Lang with the Philadelphia Orchestra left many patrons swooning with delight. But it raised a few questions in the mind of a first-time visitor to the Mann who sat in the cheap seats.
Matthew Jakubowski

Matthew Jakubowski

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