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Marta Rusek


BSR Contributor Since November 16, 2019

No one is prouder to say they’re from Philly than Marta Rusek (she/her pronouns). When she’s not writing articles or helping mission-driven organizations with their communications strategies, you can find her at the movies or trying new restaurants around the city.

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Last year, PAAFF and the Japanese American Citizens League presented ‘American Peril: Faces of the Enemy,’ which explored anti-Asian and anti-Islamic propaganda and its impact today. (Photo by Justin Chiu.)

The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival stands against anti-Asian violence, and so can you

No place for anti-Asian hate

When a board member of SAG-AFTRA shared a blatantly anti-Chinese meme earlier this year, the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival responded strongly. Marta Rusek talks with festival director Selena Yip and suggests ways for everyone to step up.
Marta Rusek

Marta Rusek

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Edward Pettit, Mary Going, and Lauren Nixon bring Dracula to Zoom every week. (Image courtesy of the Rosenbach.)

Seven tips for transforming in-person conferences into irresistible online experiences

If you stream it, will they come?

Conference veterans and networking mavens Neil Bardhan and Marta Rusek have your guide to organizing virtual gatherings that don’t suck (unless they involve Dracula).
Neil Bardhan Marta Rusek

Neil Bardhanand Marta Rusek

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For some people, celibacy may be an unfortunate side effect of COVID-19, but don’t despair. (Photo by Alaina Johns.)

How to survive the pandemic when you're home alone and horny

The next sexual revolution is in our hands

Let’s be honest about one of the toughest things in lockdown: unless you live with a partner, your sex life is on hold. Marta Rusek talks to Philly experts on keeping things spicy anyway.
Marta Rusek

Marta Rusek

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More than a mall: Streets Dept’s Conrad curated art by Symone Salib (left) and Meg Wolensky. (Photo by Marta Rusek.)

Artists like Charles Burwell, Chad States, and Symone Salib grace the new Fashion District

Identity through art?

Amid a dreary modern-mall backdrop, Philly’s Percent for Art program distinguishes the former Gallery mall with some instantly iconic pieces throughout. But is it for everyone? Marta Rusek considers.
Marta Rusek

Marta Rusek

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Steven A. Wright performs in 'One-Man Apocalypse Now.' (Photo courtesy of SoLow Festival.)
A still from the opening night film, 'The Paper Tigers.' (Image courtesy of PAAFF.)
'Coded Bias' observes the effects of white supremacy in digital spaces. (Still courtesy of Together Films.)
Salib stands in front of her mural of Mexican chef and immigrant activist Cristina Martinez. (Retrieved via Instagram.)
'Apátrida' visits the storied racism in Dominican Republic. (Image courtesy of PHLAFF.)
A young Iranian Jewish man faces the camera, straight-faced, the Star of David on a wall behind him.

Innovative storytelling shines at the 41st annual Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival

New name, new outlook

This year’s festival focuses on what is perceived as the “next wave of Jewish storytelling.” Marta Rusek previews.
Marta Rusek

Marta Rusek

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Atticus, with gray hair and a tan suit, speaks to Scout, with short brown hair and denim overalls. She looks worried.

The Kimmel Cultural Campus presents the national tour of Aaron Sorkin’s To Kill a Mockingbird

Shockingly relevant

A new, nonlinear retelling of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, stopping in Philly on its national tour, makes us face an America that never really changed. Marta Rusek reviews.
Marta Rusek

Marta Rusek

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