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Dave Allen is a music writer who specializes in classical and contemporary music. He lives in Philadelphia.

Dave Allen is a writer and musician who specializes in classical and contemporary music. He lives in Philadelphia and blogs at hotbedofintrigue.blogspot.com. He has written reviews and articles for the Courier-Post, the Bulletin, Phawker.com and the web-magazine NewMusicBox.com.

He has a background as a performer (trombone, tuba, choral singing with the Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia), but "my love of music really comes from my concert-going experience: starting with punk shows in clubs in D.C. and in barns and grange halls in rural Maryland, and slowing morphing into orchestra, choir and chamber music concerts. I love classical music, but I tend to prefer newer, off-the-wall stuff to the standard classical repertoire." He lives in Philadelphia.


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Nally: Like the sound of water over a wheel.

The Crossing at Chestnut Hill Presbyterian

Taking chances at The Crossing

In its fourth year, The Crossing conveys a depth of vision and a commitment to innovative programming that many older, more-established choral ensembles would envy.

Dave Allen

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Moran: A tangle of images.

Two concerts in art galleries

Can music and pictures coexist?

Holding a concert in an art gallery is a risky business. The very different sensations of aural and visual stimuli compete for attention, often to the detriment of one and occasionally of both. Two recent concerts took this risk, yielding results that mostly honored their roots.

Dave Allen

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