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Constance Garcia-Barrio


BSR Contributor Since March 24, 2020

Constance Garcia-Barrio (she/her pronouns) is a Philadelphia freelance writer.

Constance Garcia-Barrio, a Philadelphia freelancer, writes about education, travel, theater, and Black culture in the US and in Hispanic countries. Her credits include the Inquirer, Grid magazine, Christian Science Monitor, and more. You can reach her at [email protected].

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Illustration by Hannah Kaplan for Broad Street Review.

Writers can do justice to characters outside their own identities. Here’s how.

Under other skins

Writing in the voice of a character who doesn’t share your identity takes a lot of learning and soul-searching, finds author Constance Garcia-Barrio, but it can be done well.
Constance Garcia-Barrio Illustration by Hannah Kaplan

Constance Garcia-Barrioand Illustration by Hannah Kaplan

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