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Johnston, a Black man, takes a selfie in front of a city limits sign that reads Welcome to Denton.
Johnston takes a selfie in front of a city limits sign. (Photo by Ken Johnston.)

Fighting for civil rights one step at a time with Mural Arts Philly Black Artist fellow Ken Johnston

More than a walk in the park

Ken Johnston is putting the movement back into the civil rights movement one step at a time, literally. Johnston uses “walks” to emphasize protecting civil liberties. Jared Lowe profiles.

Jared Michael Lowe

Jared Michael Lowe

Profiles 4 minute read
A graceful, rust-colored outdoor sculpture with undulating, overlapping lines sits among greenery, with the sunset behind it
Phases, by Melanie Serkes. Image courtesy of The Bower.

At The Bower, Philadelphia sculptors take the Pennsylvania landscape to heart

The nature of art

The Bower, a new sculpture park and public garden outside Harrisburg, features sculptures from Philadelphia artists in a unique and immersive dialogue with the landscape around them. Helen Walsh visits.
Helen Walsh

Helen Walsh

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Tracey Emin’s “A Moment Without You.” Five bronze poles topped with bird sculptures are spaced out in park greenspace.
Tracey Emin’s “A Moment Without You.” (Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Contemporary.)

Philadelphia Contemporary brings art to the Delaware River for a chance at reflection

Leaving Water Marks

A series of works being brought to the city by Philadelphia Contemporary will encourage residents to visit and reflect on the Delaware River. Dara McBride previews.

Dara McBride

Previews 2 minute read