Bart is a white man with short white-gray hair and beard, wearing a light shirt and brown vest.

Bart Stump

BSR Contributor Since May 22, 2023

Bart Stump (he/him) is an educator, historian, writer, and adventurer.

Bart Stump has been teaching middle-school history for more than 20 years, and freelance writing for 13 years. He has been published in numerous magazines and has written articles about intriguing personalities, interesting locations, historical events, and parenting topics. In his spare time, Bart enjoys reading, nature study, biking, kayaking, local history, genealogy, and treasure hunting.

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Exterior view of the huge ship on the river under a bright blue sky. An American flag flies in the foreground.

Meet Camden’s Battleship New Jersey, a great summer trip for Philly-area history fans

All aboard the Big J

On the way to the shore, writer and teacher Bart Stump noticed an intriguing destination while crossing the Ben Franklin: Camden’s Battleship New Jersey, which turns a massive US warship into a public museum.
Bart Stump

Bart Stump

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