The new ‘no small parts’ Podcast talks accessible, self-produced theater

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Brittany Brewer's new podcast debuts this week, featuring an interview with Ang Bey. (Image provided by Brittany Brewer.)
Brittany Brewer's new podcast debuts this week, featuring an interview with Ang Bey. (Image provided by Brittany Brewer.)

In the theater world, they say it’s all about who you know. Lucky for me, I know Brittany Brewer well. Not only is she a colleague, but a good friend. Brewer is a “self-proclaimed bard” whose love of storytelling and education inspired no small parts, a podcast about producing theater, what forms theatre can take, and all its benefits.

“The advice you hear more than anything is ‘If what that person does is interesting to you, ask them to coffee.’ That’s what this podcast has evolved into.”

Don’t forget your roots

While Brewer has recently relocated to Michigan to pursue her PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education, her artistic roots remain in Philadelphia. She arrived in Philly as an Arden Theatre Apprentice and left as the Associate Director of Education at Philadelphia Young Playwrights. This path has led Brewer to connect with some of Philly’s greatest emerging artists.

In Season One of no small parts, Brewer asks artists to share a drink and talk producing staged readings. These folx have a range of experience in the field. Brewer speaks to young theater makers just out of high school to emerging artists who built their own companies. Through chatting with her guests, as well as through her own experience in the field, Brewer says many of us have “dabbled in the skill sets it takes to produce, but haven’t called it that.”

Brewer says: “I hope this podcast provides more accessibility. That it encourages folx to make things if they aren’t there.”

New ways to look at it

As we come upon Fringe season, conversations about how to make your own theatrical work and how to make it accessible are incredibly important. no small parts embraces the humanity of storytelling. While trial and error is a huge part of the theatre-making process, you always learn something valuable that you can pass on to other artists. Brewer hopes that listeners will learn something and stay curious about theater making, which is why she provides additional resources for listeners to explore on the no small parts website.

“It took being in the theatre world to see how many different ways theatre can look.”

What, When, Where:

Season One episodes of no small parts are released biweekly on Tuesdays from September 8 through February 9. The first season will be 12 episodes.

You can listen for free on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Tune In. You can find ‘no small parts’ on Instagram, Twitter (@nosmallpartspod), and Facebook.

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