Surviving the end of the world with ‘Somewhere’

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'Somewhere' dares to find love in a post-apocalyptic world. (Photo courtesy of Temple Theaters.)
'Somewhere' dares to find love in a post-apocalyptic world. (Photo courtesy of Temple Theaters.)

Imagine we wake up tomorrow morning and all the insects on the planet have suddenly gone extinct. Considering the uncertainty of the changing climate of the world, it is clear that if all the insects were suddenly dead, the global environment would suffer and we would quickly become victims of those impacts.

How to survive

What would you do if this were our reality? With the knowledge that our human life was suddenly at certain risk of meeting a fate similar to those insects', would you value the concept of “purpose” more or less? Would you start living more intentionally, making choices with consideration for how the outcomes will impact your life, others’ lives, and your environment? Or would you see this as a prime opportunity to throw caution to the wind in life and love?

Somewhere is a production that emphasizes the impacts of an environmental crisis on the psyches of the people who find themselves navigating life in what director Lindsay Goss refers to as “a dusty and dying world.”

Love to the bitter end

Written by Marisela Trevino Orta, the story of Somewhere is, as Goss describes, “a more extreme and theatrical version of what is happening in our own world.” In an interview with BSR, Goss explained that the characters in this production are surviving: “If everything is dying, what does it mean to study the collapse, to leave or stay put, to love, to create, to give up?”

With its debut at Temple Theaters, we can expect to see a cast and crew made up entirely of Temple students. All the actors are graduate MFA students and the supporting crew of designers, stage manager, director, and assistants are a mixture of undergraduate and grad students. All are women.

Somewhere promises to deliver a new premise of a post-apocalyptic world, one that isn’t driven by fear and violence as it addresses and raises an important question: "What do we want to survive for?”

What, When, Where:

Somewhere runs January 29 through February 9, 2020, at Temple Theaters, 1301 West Norris St. Tickets are available online and by phone, (215) 204-1122.

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