Doylestown Arts Festival celebrates the art of Bucks County

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The Doylestown Arts Festival celebrates its 28th year. (Photo courtesy of Discover Doylestown)
The Doylestown Arts Festival celebrates its 28th year. (Photo courtesy of Discover Doylestown)

In the early half of the twentieth century, Bucks County was christened the Genius Belt by the New York media for the array of writers, artists, and crafts workers that called the area home. It is this spirit of creativity and ingenuity that spurs on the Doylestown Arts Festival, a 28-year long tradition in the county seat, home of many of the area’s iconic landmarks.

The festival is a culmination of Art Week, a free event hosted by Discover Doylestown, a non-profit combined of residents and local businesses dedicated to preserving the area’s culture and traditions. Over 160 artists, spanning multiple media, will be showcased throughout the two-day event. Far from being a mere display, there will also be multiple demonstrations and interactive events that allow attendees to partake in many of the techniques and traditions of the region, among them woodworking, pottery, and plein air painting demos inspired by the beautiful natural scenery and historic architecture. Many of the events are designed to be child friendly.

Five stages will play host to various musical acts, featuring a wide assortment of genres from rock, to folk, to jazz. The circuit is ever-changing, and promises to mix tried-and-true classics with a variety of fresh sounds.

The food court features standard festival favorites and well as high end cuisine and everything in between, courtesy of multiple local bars, restaurants, and bakeries. Some of the Philadelphia area’s best farm-to-table, vegetarian/vegan, and gluten-free goodies will be available.

Most importantly, “the Doylestown Arts Festival aims to celebrate the vibrant culture that lives in Doylestown all year around,” says Paul Boger, director of the event. Since 1991, the festival has been a mainstay in supporting independent local artists and small businesses, boosting the visibility of the small town and strengthening the bonds of a community. And that community aims to include everyone.

“The entire festival is accessible, including parking and our free shuttle courtesy of the Doylestown Dart,” says Paul, “We welcome all to explore this wonderful community tradition.”

What, When, Where:

The Doylestown Arts Festival is September 7-8 from 10am-5pm at Main and State Streets, Hamilton Parking Lot, in Doylestown, PA.

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