Coming up in Philly Music: Love and War with French Music’ with Dolce Suono

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Dolce Suono’s end-of-the-month concert should be a satisfying event for anyone who’s looking for a nice way to spend a mid-winter Sunday afternoon, but it should have some extra appeal for people who’ve been following the “Emerging Voices” series presented by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society. The PCMS series is a six-concert extravaganza that traverses the history of art song from the Paris of the late 19th Century to the America of the 21st. Dolce Suono’s concert looks at French instrumental chamber music created during the first half of the period covered by the PCMS event.

Bonne musique

The French always create enjoyable music, even when they’re engaging in the turbulent artistic controversies. The musicians will be Dolce Suono’s core ensemble: flutist Mimi Stillman, cellist Gabriel Cabezas, and pianist Charles Abramovic. The selections include solos, duets, and trios for every possible combination of their instruments: romances by Saint-Saens and Faure; trio arrangements of opera and piano pieces by Ravel and Debussy; Messiaen’s first piece based on bird song; and Pierre Boulez’s classic 1945 experiment with 12-tone music for the piano.

Two influential Baroque forerunners, Couperin and Rameau, will provide some extra variety.

What, When, Where

Dolce Suono Ensemble will present “Love and War in French Music” on Sunday, January 26 at 3pm at Trinity Center for Urban Life, 2212 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. Tickets are $30 for general admission, $25 for seniors, $10 for students and they’re available online or by calling (267) 252-1803.

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