All aboard for Philly’s most daring dance performance

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Dance comes to the Schuylkill. Image courtesy of INVISIBLE RIVER.
Dance comes to the Schuylkill. Image courtesy of INVISIBLE RIVER.

INVISIBLE RIVER returns to the Schuylkill with an ambitious expansion to their celebration of Philadelphia’s iconic waterway. Last year, BSR noted the expensive fees and last-minute permit requests from local government bureaucracies that hindered the unusual outdoor performance. Fortunately, the arts group resolved its legal issues in time for Alie Vidich and Evan Hoffman’s midair routine from the Strawberry Mansion Bridge.

Capitalizing on their success, the performance artists began preparing for a 2014 show almost immediately. A membership campaign ending in January garnered over $7,000, with 112 new members supporting the artists. Last March, Vidich created a dance workshop leading up to the new show.

This year’s continuation of INVISIBLE RIVER offers a range of free and ticketed events on land and sea. From the Rowing Grandstand along Kelly Drive, viewers can expect a dance routine choreographed by Vidich on Peter’s Island. Just north of the Rowing Grandstand is a tree installation that Olivia Jorgensen choreographed. And, of course, onlookers can expect an aerial dance from the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. For adventurous river-goers, tickets are available for seats in a Dragon Boat as well as kayaks, tandem kayaks, and rowboats.

Join INVISIBLE RIVER along 2.5 miles of Schuylkill River in Philadelphia’s Fairmont Park on Saturday, July 12 and Sunday, July 13 at 7pm. Tickets to watch by boat are $25, and buyers should arrive by 6:15pm to board in time for the 7pm show. On shore, the performance is free. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit For a taste of last year's performance, check out this video.

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