‘A Mother’s Rite’, ‘Stranger Pigs’, ‘Entre Tú y Yo,’ and more this weekend

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Lilli Ransijn grieves through loss with eroticism in 'Good Grief!' (Photo by Adriana Imhof, Urban Movement Arts)
Lilli Ransijn grieves through loss with eroticism in 'Good Grief!' (Photo by Adriana Imhof, Urban Movement Arts)

We’re in the thick of winter, but that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to get out into the city over the weekend. If you’re looking to warm up plans, Martha Graham Cracker, Johnny Showcase, and friends come together to honor and support Pig Iron Theatre for a night of fabulous shenanigans; the Black Iris Project dives deep with an emotionally challenging solo ballet; Urban Movement Arts gets erotic, and the rest of the weekend features flamenco and classical crossing cultures.

A Mother’s Rite

Black Iris Project is bringing A Mother’s Rite, a solo ballet, to the Delaware Art Museum on Thursday, January 23 at 6pm. The performance, set to Igor Stravinsky’s iconic composition Rite of Spring, is about how a mother copes with the loss of her child to a racially-motivated murder by police. The Black Iris Project, founded in 2016, continues to establish itself as a platform that celebrates diversity and Black history.

Stranger Pigs

Martha Graham Cracker and Johnny Showcase come together for a fabulous night of 80’s nostalgia and live music for Stranger Pigs. Held at Union Transfer on Friday, January 24 at 7pm, what’s promised as a “wild and raucous evening” will include a variety of performances from the West Philadelphia Orchestra, comedian Momoh Pujeh, burlesque dancer Chief Checkahoe, America’s only full-time deaf illusionist Sam Sandler, and more. All comes in support of Pig Iron, and you can snag tickets online or by calling (215) 425-1100.

Good Grief!

Urban Movement Arts presents Lilli Ransijn’s Good Grief! as part of this year’s Winter Artist in Residence. Ransijn sorts through grief and loss as she considers the erotic in the space between people, claiming that “the erotic can contain the celebration and the grief of life together as one.” It’s about developing a new relationship to death, and can be seen at Urban Movement Arts, 2100 Chestnut Street, on Friday and Saturday, January 25-26 at 8pm.

Entre Tú y Yo

Soleded Barrio and Noche Flamenca have returned to Philadelphia at Plays & Players Theatre with Entre Tú y Yo. If you’ve been clamoring for a night of duets, solos, and ensemble works grounded in flamenco, then this might be for you. The performance runs through February 2. Find out more online.

Daedalus Quartet

The Daedalus Quartet lights up the Annenberg Center this weekend with an exploration of music and cross-culture. The performance comes as part of the Annenberg Center’s The Philadelphians: Migrations That Made Our City series, so it’s bound to hit home. Catch it on Saturday, January 26 at 7:30pm, and reserve your seat online.

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