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A collage of portraits the filmmakers, predominantly featuring the artists' faces.

BlackStar’s new Filmmaker Lab supports Black, Brown, and Indigenous voices on the rise

Opening doors for local filmmakers of color

Jared Michael Lowe profiles BlackStar’s new Filmmaker Lab, its inaugural class, and speaks with founder Maori Karmael Holmes on the evolution of BlackStar.
Jared Michael Lowe

Jared Michael Lowe

Profiles 5 minute read
A movie theater in the middle of a small town street, shops on the block. Hiway is spelled out on the theater billboard

The best independent movie theaters in Philadelphia

Living in a cinema's paradise

KC Wingert rounds up the best independent theaters in the city while considering their history, their future, and their lasting impact on Philadelphia's film and arthouse culture.
KC Wingert

KC Wingert

Features 6 minute read
Cho, Shakir, and Pineda in character walk along an alley with brick walls, a neon sign behind them reads ‘C'est La Vie.’

What Netflix’s short-lived Cowboy Bebop teaches us about chance

The real remake blues

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the classic anime feels like a missed opportunity, but it might be teaching us a lesson about how we share and create for ourselves. Kyle V. Hiller considers.
Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Essays 6 minute read
The family stands behind "Pop" in what looks like a dining room of a house or restaurant, arms crossed, straight-faced

Gentefied takes an intimate, complex dive into the Latinx family experience

A second season of growth through love, humor, and trauma

Netflix's second season of Gentefied returns with an even more intimate look into the Latinx experience in the US by diving into the topic of undocumented immigrants, deportation, and families being broken apart. Christina Anthony reviews.
Christina Anthony

Christina Anthony

Reviews 2 minute read
The poster for Maybe This Year. It has a chalk football diagram above a flying eagle with a German Shepherd’s head.

Three films about Philly, family, and Eagles fandom

Finding the real Eagles fans

Game Day and Maybe This Year recently joined Silver Linings Playbook in the movie canon of Philly football fans, but do they really capture our region? Stephen Silver considers.
Stephen Silver

Stephen Silver

Essays 5 minute read
A still from 'It's a Wonderful Life.' A large family gathers together, in black and white.

December 2021 repertory movie roundup

It's a Wonderful Life everywhere, plus Fargo, Eraserhead, and many holiday classics

An assortment of holiday films, including off-beat and lesser-known classics. Stephen Silver rounds up.
Stephen Silver

Stephen Silver

Previews 7 minute read
Williams and Thomas in front of a building, urban setting. Thomas laughs looking at Williams, his hand on chin, at the camera

The Weekly Roundup, November 24-December 1

Museums and streams for the holiday

AAMP, Brandywine River Museum, Penn Live Arts, and Opera Philadelphia serve up offerings for post-holiday festivities. Kyle V. Hiller rounds up.
Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Previews 4 minute read
A flamenco dancer poses on stage, a relatively large audience looks on at the dancer.

The Weekly Roundup, November 17-24

From painting to sculptures, a double film screening, and ‘Anatomy of a Tablao’

A week decorated with contemplative paintings and sculptures, documentaries, and yes, flamenco. Kyle V. Hiller rounds up.
Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Previews 2 minute read
Raphael on a bike in front of a stoop. He's wearing a hoodie, smiling towards the camera. He has a long grayed beard

Raphael Xavier’s Swerve changes direction for Philly’s stigmatized BMX culture

From freeze moves to freeze frames

Hip hop artist Raphael Xavier turns his talents from the dance stage to the screen with production of Swerve: The Movie. In the short film, Xavier plays a BMXer who mentors a teenage rider as they both undergo transformation. Darcy Grabenstein profiles.
Darcy Grabenstein

Darcy Grabenstein

Profiles 2 minute read
Ang Bey, a Black nonbinary actor, is dressed in a bright yellow wig, white faux fur jacket, and sequin bra.

The Weekly Roundup, November 3-9

Voicing Philadelphia, ‘Young Money,’ and Diwali on the Pier

A film festival and a multi-disciplinary exhibit chronicle untold stories and perspectives of the city, Azuka Theatre opens Young Money, and more. Kyle V. Hiller rounds up.
Kyle V. Hiller

Kyle V. Hiller

Previews 3 minute read